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  • Oxfordshire Radio is a brand new online radio station for Oxfordshire, there are no studio's, so no overheads just music licences for us to broadcast online.

    At the moment our schedule is non stop music, but we are working on doing some presenter led shows..

    We understand how hard it is to gain on air experience as some of the main FM stations dont want to know you unless your a big star.

    We are not going to turn anyone away, unless the idea breaks our rules, but we will be happy to broadcast your idea, we offer a 2 hour slot. (daily)

    This is FREE to the end user if you want a show please fill in the form below with your details.

    To contact us please fill in the form below.


    Temp Schedule:

    Mon - Fri - Non Stop Music

    Friday - Stars on 45 8pm

    Sat - Request Show - 8pm

    Sunday - Brass Band Radio Talk LIVE - 7pm